From concept to script and beyond every story needs a fresh pair of eyes. Let our experienced consultants help you polish your ideas, refine your narrative and help you sell your story.   


Rachel Greenhoe

Rachel is a writer and producer. She is a marketing specialist with Legacy Pictures and The ISA. After college she worked as a script doctor and editor for Bass films. Since then she has worked in the script department of Motion Picture Corporation of America and sold her web series Symbiotic to OTV. Her short script In The Woods won best Short Script at WildSound and was a finalist at the Ivy Festival. 

Our Services: 

  • Story development 
  • Script and line notes for any length screenplay
  • Pitch consultations
  • Rewrites

Our Three Part System:

  1. We read what you wrote. 
  2. We generate at least two pages of detailed notes.
  3. We meet with you to discuss the notes and how to move forward. 



No job too big or small, personalized service, competitive rates.


Email: to set up your free initial 15 minute consultation. 


Aaron Kitchin

Aaron is a actor and writer. He is a development associate with Legacy Pictures and the manager of Branded Content with maverick group. He has worked as a writer for feature films that have actually been produced, he’s been commissioned to write scripts. He has had his plays produced. He has work as a writer on features that have actually been made, pilots, web series, podcasts.