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Who Am I?

Hi there! Welcome! If you haven't worked your way through the other pages on my site here's an overview to catch you up.

I'm an actor, writer, producer, and creative strategist.  An early sojourn through physics turned to one of storytelling and content creation. Since graduating from UC Berkeley, I have served as a creative partner and branding specialist to production companies, startups, and non-profits. I've developed pitches for the likes of Heelys and Mattel. I've acted on television, film, and in theaters across the United States. I spent several years teaching playwriting to incarcerated youth, and currently, one of my plays is being produced by the Piedmont Center for the Arts. Most recently, I have been working for Legacy Pictures and their subsidiary, Maverick, leading the business development team while mentoring and cultivating talent and crew.

But wait... There's more...

You can get in touch with me via the button to the right.


You can find a more about me on a daily basis by checking out my Instagram.

I have a photography website. It's primarily cocktails, food, and headshots. I also have an Instagram for that.

For the past few shows I've done I've captured portraits of the cast and crew for gifts. Here's a peak into a wonderful collaborative art form through an ongoing portrait project. I do not have an Instagram for this, but you can scroll through the gallery below.