As a writer, I've written for film, television, and theatre. I've also worked in the branded space, developing pitches that were brought to the likes of Heelys and Mattel. Most recently, a play I wrote was produced by the Piedmont Center for the Arts. I spent several years teaching playwriting to incarcerated youth with Each One Reach One.

Below you will find a bit more information about some projects I'm working on.


We Came As Dreamers 

One night Makai is pulled into the Astral Plane where he finds himself embroiled in a young boy’s search for answers to his sister’s disappearance amidst a long running conflict between Nocturnal and the Kingdom of Dreams.

Fox and Duck


A story close to my heart. It takes places in the woods. I can't say much more right now, but I am currently working with composer Jon Ososki on this project. More info coming soon!